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CRFF Debate: The Most Important Game of Oklahoma State's 2019 Season

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No offense to college baseball season, but we're officially in the long winter until college football and basketball returns Braxton Hicks Jersey. With that in mind, we're starting a new weekly series; the CRFF Debate.Each week we'll take the strongest opinions around a specific football or basketball related to Not to mention that the all-time series stands at 88-18-7 in favor of OU. Oklahoma State can lose to OU and it won't be the end of the world.If we're ruling out OU, the candidate for most important game has to be Iowa State or Texas. We simply do not know enough about any other team in the league to choose outside of these three and I'm going with Texas over Iowa State for most important game.This pick is absolutely subject to Texas doing Texas things. They proclaim that they're "back" but they also lost to a 7-6 OSU squad last season as well as Maryland . They beat a good, but likely uninspired Georgia team in the Sugar Bowl. Whether Texas is back or not is up for debate but what is undeniable is the program has more energy and momentum than it has since the Horns lost to Alabama in the 2010 National Championship Game. This game is in Austin and OSU will play at Oregon State, McNeese State and at Tulsa before heading to Austin. The Pokes will likely be 3-0 and a win against a Texas program that is returning more talent than most of the league would be enormous.Following the Texas game is home to Kansas State and at Texas Tech before the bye week. Again, we know less about the Big 12 heading into the year than any other year in recent memory . However, if OSU can start 4-0 and beat Texas in Austin, losing to Kansas State or Texas Tech would be a fairly big slip-up. Beat Texas and you're looking at a potential 6-0 start heading into the bye week with Kansas still to come